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Upcoming events

We invite submissions on upcoming events such as family reunions, anniversaries, community events that involve the gathering of family members, etc. Please include in submissions the timetables of activities, location, contact details, names and telephone numbers of hotels in the area, and any other information that would be useful  for potential participants.

Past events

We invite submissions on past events, including reunions, anniversaries, and community events that involved the gathering of family members, especially those that took place many years ago. Please include as much detail as you can about the event and participants. Photographs are particularly welcome, and if possible identify individuals in group photos. If you do not have electronic photos please send an e-mail message requesting a mailing address to which you could send printed photographs.

2005 Edwards family reunion

Don and Virginia Ferguson hosted the reunion at their ranch north of Philip, South Dakota, in June 2005. Nearly 100 people were in attendance, including 13 of the 15 living grandchildren of Leonodus (Lee) and Jennie Painter Edwards. Viola Edwards Herrman, who was 94 years old at the time, was the reigning matriarch.

2005 Edwards reunion 

Philip centennial, 2007

The families of Lee Edwards and John Herrman arrived at their respective homesteads north of Philip, South Dakota, in 1907, the year that Philip was incorporated. Its centennial was celebrated in June 2007, which several descendants attended. The photo gallery highlights some of the events and includes pictures of some of the participants.

Philip centennial   

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